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Who Are We?

Fostering Health Alliance, LLC. is uniquely positioned to face challenges of daily life and workplaces, They are an organization founded to support the mental health of individuals from a holistic perspective while being able to address challenges in workplaces from a mental health framework. The issues in personal life impact the workplace and stressors of work impact personal lives. We address both through coaching, counseling, and consulting.

We take pride in being an expert in human interactions on a personal and organizational level. That means we are one-of-a-kind in our ability to support individuals, train teams, develop leaders, and understand organizational dynamics, we know people and organizations. Our position in mental health and organizational psychology enhances our ability to address mental health on a personal level for those who seek individual supports for relationships, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief and loss, and other life challenges. We have the ability to step into workplaces understand interpersonal dynamics, changing global demands, leadership challenges, organizational climate and culture and address them effectively through coaching and consulting. We specialize in making organizational climates and cultures one that fits the organizational vision and is welcoming to all.



We can do this because we are founded by Sidney Gaskins who has worked in the fields of human development, education, psychology, and organizational development for over twenty years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Kent State University; and two Masters of Science from Walden University, one in Mental Health Counseling the other in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Sidney is currently in the dissertation phase of a doctoral degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Walden University. Her previous work includes being a consulting liaison for Atlanta Public Schools, writing behavioral management curriculum for New York City Public Schools, coaching and consulting for two Fortune 500 companies, being a yoga instructor, and coaching multiple transformational programs through Landmark Worldwide. Sidney has created Fostering Health Alliance based on her worldview of relationships that support every aspect of life so Fostering Health Alliance partners with other holistic practitioners and consultants to provide customized, interactive support to individuals and organizations.


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