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 In the workplace, we specialize in the area of transformational leadership, inclusion, and organizational climate and culture to support creating diverse environments. We intentionally seek to disrupt the norm, transform perspectives, and enhance the culture and climate of organizations through education, interaction and advocating for shifts in the environment to allow for voices to be heard as well as improvements in the workplace.


We fill a gap not often seen in traditional consulting and training groups. We bring diverse and inclusive perspectives that do not just focus on trending topics such as diversity but we understand that inclusion is the foundation of diversity. Inclusion supports an organizational climate and culture where many voices are requested as well as heard and assimilated in processes, creativity and innovation are encouraged, multidimensionality is accepted, and supportive relationships are formed. Our interactive, in-depth, and focused services guide leaders into developing new personal perspectives, assist in building inclusive workplaces, and addressing the crucial areas that keep organizations from sustainable improvements.



We work with the needs of organizations systematically assessing culture, climate, and leadership styles while identifying interventions to maximize organizational potential. To obtain next-level results we customize actionable plans developed in consultation with identified leaders. All organizations want to be able to sustain results once they have begun a process. We provide support as needed during the implementation of the plan to walk with leaders during the transformation to make the process sustainable, address challenges, and reach identified results.



Our training, workshops, and consulting engagements demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity as a foundational principle and advocacy for assimilation of diverse voices. We seek to customize engagements that are informative, challenging, and actionable to garner desired improvements in areas that matter. We specialize in being able to see the unseen challenges, asking to hear from unheard voices, and transforming climates and cultures that allow individuals to thrive resulting in organizations that are successful.

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