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  • Sidney Gaskins

Throwing The Kitchen Sink

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

What To Do When A Kitchen Sink Walks In For Counseling

When I start sessions with clients one of the first questions I believe in asking is “ What do you think a counselor does? ” One of the first answers I received was that counselors “fix things that are wrong with people.” Another answer was that I “help people to work on things in their life.” Ding! Ding! Ding!

There is no magic wand to “fix” anything. I take the perception that you know your life, what feels right, challenges and triumphs you have faced and all I do is work with you to draw those things out. We work together to find solutions, shift perspectives, jump hurdles, and celebrate triumphs. Finding what works for each person requires more than a one size fits all solution. What it takes is a person who stands on the outside, listens in a particular way, uses training and creativity to support you in reaching the goals you set for yourself. Sometimes that means a structured process of throwing the kitchen sink. Yes, that is where I got the name of the blog.

One of the things I have learned about people is that they are complex, creative, and there is no one path to reach any goal. To reach a goal it sometimes means you have to start with throwing the kitchen sink at the presenting issue. What does that mean? It means that you bring an issue to the table and we brainstorm using my training and skills, and who you are including strengths, challenges, knowledge, personality, and traits to address what is going on. Additionally, when you are throwing the kitchen sink you are breaking barriers. And, though it is not an overtly stated result of counseling or psychotherapy, it should be. We hold perspectives that often keep us from moving forward, developing, having the things we want, or even addressing mental health needs.

In counseling may things are addressed from thoughts, perceptions, family, intimate relationships, health, relationship to food, nutrition, sexuality, life transitions, faith, and so many more. And, that is what this blog will be about, multiple aspects of life addressed with counseling perspective. The goal of this blog is simply throwing the kitchen sink and allowing you to find solutions, shift perspective with new information, and break barriers to foster health in all areas of your life.

To address the title, “What to do when a sink walks into counseling”…. WE THROW IT!

Are you ready to get to throwing?

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